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Outdoor Lighting in St Louis, MO

Outdoor Lighting Installation in St Louis, Mo. Quiet Village Landscaping offers landscape design services including outdoor lighting installation to St Louis and the surrounding areas. Proper lighting highlights the focal points of your home and yard while contributing to a safer environment. You can enjoy your outdoor living space well into the evening with comfortable and functional St Louis outdoor lighting from Quiet Village. Our expert lighting technicians can assist you in customizing an outdoor atmosphere that is well lit and comfortable. When you're in need of outdoor lighting companies in St Louis area, contact the professionals of Quiet Village Landscaping for a free initial consultation. We look forward to working with you in customizing and illuminating your St Louis home or property.

Residential & Commercial Outdoor Lighting in St Louis MO

Lights help us find our way out of darkness. We all need lighting to make our homes look beautiful, at night. Even, our commercial spaces will stand out with the commercial outdoor lighting in St. Louis. You might have drawn to many residential and commercial establishments that have their outdoor lighting done in an aesthetic way, in St. Louis, MO.  You might have seen pathways illuminated with these outdoor paving lights, swimming pools having underwater LED lights, guiding flood lights adjacent to trees and plants, to illuminate them at night, and much more! Wonder not if you can also have such beautiful and ornamental outdoor lighting in St. Louis, MO, at your home & in the offices. You sure can! St. Louis outdoor lighting is a delight. There are multiple outdoor lighting companies in St. Louis, however you must do your due diligence in choosing the right fit who can provide you with the right and best outdoor lighting solutions.

Why Do You Need St Louis Outdoor Lighting?

St. Louis outdoor lighting is like a delicious topping on the cake, when it comes to setting your outdoor space with comfort and style. You need this kind of landscape lighting to complement your landscape design at your home, in St. Louis. With the best outdoor lighting solutions in St. Louis, you can beautify your homes, and the offices and gather appreciation from your peers, family, friends, and even corporate acquaintances. Hosting parties either at home or on the office premises, can be easy and exciting, in the evenings. There will be a reason to invite such a group home and make the most of your time with them.

Benefits of Landscape Lighting St Louis MO

Landscape lighting in St. Louis enhances the natural beauty of your home or an office outdoor space. However, the major functional benefits are safety and security. These outdoor lighting solutions in St. Louis, MO helps us roam around easily at night without injuring ourselves from in the way obstacles/objects (you really don’t want your foot to be stepped onto a sharp stone or even fall front face on your yard blindly) and secures our house or an office from intruders. Intruders can be identified and taken care of.  You will be able to see them as opposed to scenarios where no outdoor lights are installed.

Our Custom Landscape Lighting Solutions in St Louis

How do we customize landscape lighting solutions for you in St. Louis, you may ask? As per your needs, you may want your pavement or a pathway or steps to be illuminated with our outdoor lighting solutions. Moreover, you may also want to showcase your garden’s natural wonders at night under the landscape lighting. If you have a swimming pool or an oasis, you may want to lighten special areas around them to create an evening colorful light show. Also, you may want to beautify your gazebos with interesting, shaped lights for a charming effect during evening dinners in your outdoor space lounge.

Reason to Choose Quiet Village Landscaping as Best Outdoor Lighting Company in St Louis

You put faith in us, we get your job done as you would like it. Why choose us, Quiet Village Landscaping, as the best outdoor lighting company in St. Louis? We have been in the landscape design space for over a decade. Our St. Louis outdoor lighting experts carefully access your outdoor space and curate the best outdoor lighting solutions outline for you. Your dream of getting the landscape lighting done in your homes and offices will come true with us. To initiate a walkthrough of your outdoor space and the kind of outdoor lights that can be installed, we offer our complimentary consultation. 

Quiet Village Landscaping has been in the landscaping design and lawn maintenance industry for over 10 years! We invite you to work side-by-side with our design experts to create the outdoor living space you've always dreamed of. When the professionals from Quiet Village install landscape lighting in St Louis,MO we ensure that it compliments the existing focal points of your St Louis home or property while expressing your personal taste and style. You can rest easy knowing that the design experts from Quiet Village will carefully analyze how your outdoor space can be utilized to ensure functionality while incorporating beauty. Here at Quiet Village, we are committed to client satisfaction and we ensure that our clients are 100% fulfilled with the end result of their outdoor lighting solutions St Louis. When you're in need of outdoor lighting in St Louis, make Quiet Village Landscaping your landscape design service provider.


Ques1: What is the average cost of installing outdoor lighting?

Ans: Outdoor lighting installation costs within an average range of $4000 - $12000 depending on the kind of outdoor lighting solution you need. Also, smart lighting solutions cost about $10,000. 

Ques2: Why is outdoor lighting so expensive?

Ans: St. Louis outdoor lighting is expensive because of the materials involved, and the landscape lighting maintenance that experts undertake. 

Ques3: Which outdoor lights give the most light?

Ans: Floodlights, in an around the natural scenery in your gardens, gives the strongest beam of them all.  

Ques4: Is outdoor lighting worth it?

Yes, of course! Consider outdoor lighting as an artistic element in your St. Louis outdoor space. It lightens your outdoor landscape at night, shows the path in the darkness and creates an appealing evening for you to enjoy.

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