Eco-Friendly Snow Plowing, Salting & Shoveling : How we do it!

Winter is St. Louis is really unpredictable. Some years we gets massive amounts of ice and snow, with severe winter weather advisories popping up all the time. Other years, temperatures stay mild, with little to no snow. No matter what weather is on the horizon this season, our outdoor crews are ready! We provide on-demand snow services for families and businesses, working around the clock when needed to make sure driveways, parking lots, walkways and stairs are safely cleared of snow, and salted for safety. 

Wondering how we stick to our core values of sustainability, to make sure we keep even our Winter services eco-friendly? Read on! 

Eco-Friendly Snow Plowing, Salting & Shoveling in St. Louis

As autumn leaves begin to fully drop along with temperatures, we being to prepare for our Winter services. In addition to installing Holiday lights and outdoor decor, we start getting our snow removal equipment and tools ready for the season. Key steps include a full mechanical inspections of our vehicles, plows, and salt spreaders. We also provide safety training to our team to ensure they are driving, walking, and working safely during storm and ice events. 

Next, we work to make sure our services are as eco-friendly as possible. Before each and every snowfall event, we re-calibrate our salt spreaders and equipment to make sure we’re only using as much eco-friendly ice melt as is needed, per outside conditions. This step is commonly skipped over by other landscaping companies, who are too rushed to care about the harm over-salting does to our environment, roads, and landscaping! We keep ice melt use to a minimum as a way to help minimize our impact on the environment. 

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The ice melt we do use is high quality and eco-friendly in several ways. First of all, it’s a unique lime green color. This helps it to stand-out against the snow and ice. Our snow pros can visually see how much is being applied to avoid overuse. Our ice melt is pet friendly and lasts longer than traditional ice melt, which can usually last for only 1-2 hours. That just doesn’t cut it when it comes to major snowfall and ice events in St. Louis. 1-2 hours of coverage just isn’t long-lasting enough, and unfortunately this is the common standard among traditional landscapers and their snow removal practices. 

We also used advanced weather monitoring technology to stay ahead of what’s coming next. When a major storm is on the horizon, we stay updated on expected weather to make sure our team is ready to get started as soon as possible. Then, we work around the clock, scheduling our crews in shifts to keep snow cleared. Our team rests between shifts, keeping overall team safety and services up to the high standards you expect when trusting a professional to take care of your snow services. 

With Quiet Village Landscaping, you’ll never over-pay for snow plowing. Our affordable options let you decide when we will plow or salt your property. Some businesses like restaurants, grocery stores, boutiques, or business offices need fast response times to snow and ice events, to ensure the safety of customers. However, some homeowners might decide that snow plowing is only necessary after 2 inches of snowfall, or only one service visit per storm event. Let us create the perfect plan to keep you safe during stormy weather!