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Go Green

Go Green

Go Green with St Louis Landscape Design

Quiet Village stands out from other St. Louis landscape design and installation companies because of our acute passion for sustainability and environmentally friendly landscaping practices. Sharing the benefits and possibilities of green landscaping with our customers is one of our highest priorities. We also regularly volunteer and engage with the community to give back to our city and to the environment. Sign up for our newsletters and stay tuned to our blog to get updates on our latest endeavors!

Team up with us to protect the environment by choosing eco-friendly landscaping. Our trained experts work with you to design your ideal space, making it functional, sustainable, and lovely to the eye. We use the principles of eco-landscaping to decrease pollutants, reduce the need for manufactured chemicals, and use fewer resources like water and energy for maintenance.

Our Green Practices

We decrease the use of chemical fertilizers, pesticides, and herbicides.
We test your soil to determine its needs, and we recommend adding compost and natural organic materials to add nutrients to the soil instead of utilizing chemical fertilizer.
We go green by recommending native plants.
Native plants naturally adapt to our regional environment without much need for chemical fertilizers or pesticides. They attract pollinators and provide a friendly environment to local wildlife. Once we have an idea of your preferences, our experts can recommend appropriate, non-invasive plants that match their area’s soil conditions, drainage, and sunlight intensity.
We plan ahead to reduce the need for water.
Drought-resistant landscaping—or xeriscaping—allows the lawn to go dormant instead of requiring lavish amounts of water. However, you must design the landscape with planning and forethought, choosing your plants wisely, for xeriscaping to succeed. Because plants native to St. Louis are acclimated to withstand our environmental extremes, they make excellent candidates.
We install permeable pavers and alternatives to the traditional lawn.
There are many advantages to adding a patio or rock garden to the yard. Hardscaping part of one’s lawn saves cost on upkeep, conserves water, and reduces labor. Permeable pavers are environmentally friendly, allowing water to reach the soil and be absorbed instead of causing runoff.
We offer sprinkler systems with rain sensors to conserve resources.
Our mid- to high-range systems use wireless rain sensors to optimize water usage, saving resources and money. Find out more about our lawn irrigation capabilities by visiting

St Louis Green

Quiet Village Landscaping, Co. is a proud sponsor of St. Louis Green. Find out about the other organizations we support!

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