Time Lapse Video: Labyrinth Installation

Time Lapse Video: Labyrinth Installation

Due to the outrageous popularity of our time lapse video of the paver patio install, we bring you more Quiet Village Landscapers working extraordinarily fast to upbeat music! A labyrinth is a maze-like pattern using various hardscape and softscape elements. Walking a labyrinth can be a calming and meditative process, relaxing and enriching the mind. …

Why Is Soil Testing So Important?

soil-testing, important part of landscape maintenance

Have you had trouble maintaining your plants in past years but you never knew why?  Your soil may be the culprit.  Before you plan out your garden this year, it’s critical for you to find out the condition of your soil. Normal soil often lacks one or more essential nutrients such as phosphorus, potassium, calcium, …

Paintball Tournament

teammates at Quiet Village Landscaping paintball tournament

  Quiet Village Paintball Tournament 2014!  Check out our Facebook album for more photos of our epic battle. P.S. I’m pretty sure that yellow team won… 🙂 P.P.S. Yes, the previous line is a great example of a misuse of power.  Here’s hoping Dennis doesn’t see that part.

Time Lapse Video: Permeable Paver Patio Installation

permeable paver installation video, patio landscaping

Watch our expert team install a patio via this time lapse video. Our professional installation is highly customizable so that you get exactly the look and style that suits you best. Here, we demonstrate two different patterns of paver alignment: diagonal and horizontal. Permeable paver patios are environmentally friendly. Rainwater can trickle through the pavers …

RainScape Rebate Promotion

RainScape Rain Garden Example

Reduce Runoff while Retaining Cash Landowners in 19 participating municipalities, including residents, schools, churches, and businesses are eligible to take part in the RainScape Rebates Program.  This voluntary program financially assists landowners in the Deer Creek Watershed wishing to landscape their yards to improve stormwater management. Watch this video on how to save money and reduce stormwater runoff …

How We All Ended Up Standing in a Dumpster

Standing in a Dumpster

“So there we were, ankle-deep in Christmas lights, standing in a dumpster…” Quiet Village Landscaping had a blast sorting holiday lights with our friends at St. Louis Green on Wednesday, December 11th.  Folks dropped off old Christmas lights that didn’t work anymore at various locations, donating them to St. Louis Green.  Our mission was to …

Light Up Your Holiday Season

light up your landscape for the holidays

10% OFF Holiday Lighting Installation  *New Holiday Lighting Clients Only   Would you like to take some of the stress out of your holidays? Call Quiet Village Landscaping for a free consultation with one of our holiday lighting and decorating experts.  Whether you’re considering going all out this year or just adding a few personal touches, …

Leaf Removal and Fall Cleanup

Leaf removal and fall cleanup service, landscape maintenance

In St. Louis, we love the vibrant colors that our trees display in autumn.  However, we don’t love the back-breaking work of cleaning up fallen leaves, sticks, or—heaven forbid—stickerballs from those Sweet Gum Trees! Quiet Village Landscaping is here to meet your lawn’s needs this fall.  We offer a competitive rate for leaf removal and …

Mulch: A Winter Blanket For Your Plants

landscaping mulch st louis

As the weather gets cooler, mulch your planting beds in order to prepare your landscaping for winter. Mulch keeps the soil a more consistent temperature throughout the winter. Beds without mulch will be subject to the constant thaw and refreezing that occurs over the course of a St. Louis winter, which can cause the water …

Pots to Planks: A Green Alternative to Railroad Ties

Plastic landscape timbers made from recycled materials

Many of St. Louis’ yards feature old, rotting railroad ties, used for edging and retaining walls.  If that describes your yard, it’s time to upgrade to an option that is both environmentally friendly and durable.  In conjunction with St. Louis Green, Quiet Village Landscaping now offers plastic landscape timbers made out of recycled horticultural plastic …