Quiet Village Receives PLANET Safety Award

Quiet Village Receives PLANET Safety Award

At Quiet Village Landscaping, we care greatly about our team and their wellbeing.  Therefore, we are proud to announce that the Professional Landcare Network (PLANET) just awarded us their Safety Recognition Award!   The Safety Recognition Awards Program reflects PLANET’s dedication to creating and maintaining safe work environments in the green industry and is designed …

Permeable Paver Driveway Installation

Permeable Paver Driveway Installation video, St. Louis area

It’s okay to be jealous of this family’s awesome new permeable paver driveway.  Water will now filter directly into the ground and snow and ice will melt away more rapidly for these homeowners instead of melting and refreezing on the pavement.  Find out more about the benefits of permeable pavers at http://www.quietvillagelandscaping.com/benefits-permeable-pavers/.

Q&A with Rebecca

Q&A with Rebecca

Rebecca, our landscape designer, responds to some commonly asked questions about landscaping. Q. What’s trending right now in the landscaping world? A. We’re seeing a lot of great trends right now: Sustainable, environmentally friendly landscaping Planting native plants for more sustainable gardens that require fewer resources and that provide sustenance for pollinators such as bees …

Get Smart with Irrigation Control

irrigation control

Is it difficult to find the balance between desert wasteland and swampy marsh with your current irrigation setup?  Quiet Village Landscaping’s smart irrigation controllers and moisture sensors automatically adjust to environmental factors, preventing overwatering.  Not only does this conserve water and save you money, it also avoids the fungal diseases and insect problems found in …

Milkweed for Monarchs

milkweed for monarchs, landscape design

Monarch butterfly populations are rapidly declining due to drought conditions, increased insecticide and herbicide use, overwhelming habitat loss, and the steep decrease in milkweed plants.  Monarch butterflies are beautiful and important participants in pollinating plants in our ecosystem. However, their population has declined 90 percent over the last twenty years. Female monarchs rely on milkweed …

Caring for Your Zoysia Grass

Zoysia Grass

Zoysia grass is a very popular choice for St. Louis lawns because of its endurance of our intense summer heat.  However, a climate like ours can push your grass beyond its limits, especially if your lawn does not have an irrigation system in place. Other problems may adversely affect your lawn such as invasive plants, …

What are the Benefits of Permeable Pavers?

benefits of permeable pavers on your landscape

Permeable paver patios, pathways and driveways are much ‘greener’ than their asphalt or concrete counterparts.  Also referred to as “pervious,” permeable pavers allow water to filter into the ground rather than causing runoff.  Permeable pavers allow snow and ice to melt more rapidly.  Water drains into the ground rather than refreezing on the pavement. When …