Tips for Gardening With Dogs

We love our pets, especially dogs! And, as a landscaping company we also love our gardens and outdoor living spaces. However, sometimes the two don’t seem to mix quite perfectly. One common complaint we hear from our lawn maintenance customers is that dogs destroy flower beds, tear up lawns and aren’t the gentlest with new plants. 

Here are a few simple tips for keeping plants and pets in perfect harmony.

Puppy Planning

puppy st louisThe earlier you begin training and working with your dog, the better. Let your four-legged friends know early on that parts of the garden are off limits. And contrary to popular belief, old dogs can learn new tricks! Start with basic commands to help your dog learn.

Hydrated Hound

Dogs of all sizes and breeds can get hot easily during a hot and humid St. Louis summer, so it’s always a necessity to have a source of fresh water available in the garden. Try using a stylish, large bowl that can double as a piece of garden art!

Home Alone – Doggy Style

If you want a perfect lawn or garden, don’t just shove your dog outside while you’re off at work. Dogs require exercise and can get bored easily. If left alone, they can find ways to amuse themselves (and that may mean digging up your landscape plants or tearing out your grass or sod). Try walking your dog before putting them out in the yard for extended hours.

Deck Dog

A large deck or patio area can be a great place for your dog to enjoy the outdoors when you can’t watch them while gardening. Install a sturdy railing or gate to make sure your pet can’t wander off. You can also keep your pet busy with chew toys!

Fence Fail Safe

When all else fails, protect your flower beds with a low fence. Even short fences can be a visual barrier for your dog – just be sure to check for digging around the edges.

Want more dog-friendly inspiration for your own yard? Read our last blog about making your landscaping more dog-friendly here. Our landscape design team is experienced at designing outdoor living spaces to fit all uses, from pets and children play areas to native bird and butterfly habitat creation.