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Labyrinth Design & Installation

Creating an Oasis of Peace and Calm

A labyrinth is a beautiful way to add a reflective, meaningful area to your outdoor space. It provides a unique focal feature that adds year-round interest to your property.

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Meditation, mindfulness, and therapeutic energy are at the center of the labyrinths we design and install across St. Louis. Unlike a maze which is meant to confuse, a labyrinth has a single path that invites relaxation, and will always guide you gently to the center.

Quiet Village Landscaping, working with artist and labyrinth designer Robert Fishbone, creates both classic and modern outdoor labyrinths for anyone looking to develop a space that fosters community, spirituality, mindfulness, and walking meditation. We offer site specific, and beautifully landscaped labyrinths to the entire metro area. Most labyrinths are created with a classic design, using Romanstone brick or limestone. Bricks are recessed into the ground to delineate a walking path for visitors. The ground is graded to remediate soil and provide for slight drainage away from the center of the labyrinth promoting ideal, long-term site conditions. Designs can feature decorative elements at the entrance or center of the labyrinth, or around the perimeter.

Classic 7-Circuit Labyrinths measure 44 feet in diameter, and they are easily customized to fit the outdoor space that is available. For instance, a smaller labyrinth might measure between 15 to 20 feet in diameter. Though the classic designs are all circular, they can also be modified for a modern aesthetic or other creative design.

Recent Labyrinths Created in St. Louis

This outdoor labyrinth at Villa Duchesne & Oak Hill School in Frontenac, MO commemorates the life of past student Kristi Krey. The labyrinth was gifted to the school in memory of Kristi in a quiet wooded area of the school’s campus.

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Students visit to walk the labyrinth and connect with nature. A 6th grade class enjoyed an informal discussion and tour of the labyrinth on a recent visit to the school’s campus.

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“The primary purpose of this labyrinth is a gift to the campus community. It was the right time, and the right response to the call we find ourselves in, in the modern day, a place of calm. Robert was given to us as a gift, and he has been a gift to me and to this campus community…not only in this experience of building a labyrinth, but because it is a stable part of our campus now, this iconic campus, it’ll be a gift for generations to come.”
- Michael Baber, Head of School, Villa Duschesne and Oak Hill School

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