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Foundation Plantings

Foundation Plantings

Foundation Plantings in St Louis, MO

Foundation Planting Installation in St Louis, MO. Foundation plants or "house huggers" improve the overall appearance of a home or property while making it more inviting. When you work with Quiet Village Landscaping to have foundation plantings installed, we take many things into consideration such as, the architecture and style of your property and what type and size of plants will best suit your property year-round. The design experts of Quiet Village Landscaping will work side-by-side with you to create a custom landscape design that complements your St Louis property while expressing your personal style. Create the outdoor living space you've always dreamed of with Quiet Village Landscaping. Contact us today for more information on foundation plantings and our other landscaping services.

Serving the Greater St Louis area for over 10 years, Quiet Village Landscaping is a full-service landscape design and lawn care service company. We offer a full range of landscape design services including installing foundation plants, shade gardens, stormwater management, lawn grading, outdoor lighting, and more for residential, commercial, and municipal properties. Licensed and insured, we work with engineers and inspectors to guarantee that our landscaping projects are up to code and structurally sound. When your St Louis home or property is in need of foundation plants installation or other landscape design services, choose Quiet Village Landscaping.

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