Organic Backyard Gardening

Organic Backyard Gardening

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When you allow Quiet Village Landscaping to design, install, and maintain an organic, edible backyard garden for your St Louis home, you and your family will be able to enjoy fresh, healthy, and delicious meals from Spring onward! The backyard gardening team from Quiet Village will meet with you to evaluate and determine which style of garden best suits your lifestyle while ensuring its design compliments the visual aesthetic of your St Louis property. We can also renovate your landscaping to add edible plants in with your ornamentals! Whether you'd like a herb garden to perfect the seasoning of your food, fresh vegetables for picking, or delightful fruit to add to your breakfast or lunch meals, you can entrust that we will grow and maintain a seasonal rotation of your favorite fruits, herbs, and veggies!

Why Choose an Organic Edible Garden?

  • Fragrant and colorful blooms that add to the landscaping of your home!
  • Fresher taste than the produce at grocery stores and farmers markets.
  • Save money by eating seasonal fruits, veggies & herbs from your own backyard!
  • Convenient access to a variety of foods that can be made fresh, baked, grilled, and more.

Edible + Organic

From patios and porches to backyards that stretch on, no space is too big or too small to grow food that is convenient, organic, and tastes heavenly. Quiet Village Landscaping offers nourishment recommendations from our registered dietitian that can be custom-fit to meet your health goals! Once your garden has been designed and installed, our St Louis landscaping team is made available for bi-weekly services to maintain and ensure that your garden is growing as fully and beautifully as possible. By having fresh produce and herbs right outside your door, you'll find yourself cooking more while enjoying the new extension of your space. To learn more, contact Quiet Village by calling (314) 657-7050 or completing our online contact form today!

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