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Pool Landscaping Installation

Swimming pools add the ultimate focal point for outdoor living enjoyment at home. From pool parties to stress free relaxation time, a new pool will enhance the value of your home while adding a Zen-like ambiance to your entire property. Ready to dive in?

Pool Builders St Louis MO

Quiet Village Landscaping provides inground pool installation and custom pool design, offering full-service construction and poolscape build-out for small backyard pools and impressive resort-like pools alike. Our award-winning designers work seamlessly with an experienced local pool construction team to bring your backyard oasis dreams to life. Our team is well trained in the design and installation of various types of custom pool shapes & sizes, stylish tilework, and modern amenities to make your pool unique. We can create the outdoor lighting system, audio surround sound, and adjoining patio and lounge areas that make your pool feel like an oasis.

Pool Construction in St. Louis

Pool Options for Tiles and Decking

If you’re looking for an expert team of pool builders to install the perfect swimming pool for your home, you’re in the right place.

Quiet Village Landscaping specializes in custom pool design and construction for St. Louis area customers. Whether you are looking to build a traditional or playfully designed pool, we have the technical skills along with the heavy machinery needed to get your pool installed year-round. For over 20 years, we have been the trusted experts in outdoor construction in St. Louis. We take care of all electrical, mechanical, and plumbing permits needed to install a pool in your municipality (since permitting can vary depending on which St. Louis County or City zone your property is located in).

Our construction crews also have the experience to expertly demolish and remove old pools, as well as all of the necessary yard grading work to make your pool paradise work well on your property.

How much St Louis Pool Company Charge for a New Swimming Pool

To build a new custom swimming pool in St. Louis, you can expect to spend approximately $150,000 with all required materials and equipment you need. We build high-quality Gunite pools at this price, which are created using a steel caging with Gunite - a form of concrete that uses finer particles of mix than concrete - that can form any shape we design for a new pool. All accessories and finishing touches are custom. We’ll recommend or you can select these custom options for your pool:

Pool Options for Tiles and Decking
  • Tile or Pebble Details
  • Pool Deck
  • Jets, Bubblers
  • Filtration System
  • Lighting
  • Seats, Stairs, Lounge Space
  • Surrounding Landscaping

This entry-level price includes a premium Gunite pool with filtration system, required plumbing system, and all electrical work.

Just like new construction costs, prices for most necessary items have been volatile, increasing as many as three times in just one year. The price for PVC pipe alone has increased 3 times in 2022. Rebar, pool equipment, and building materials have also seen major price swings.

Average Cost of an Inground Pool in St. Louis

The average price range for a new Gunite pool in our area is between $150,000 to $250,000+ with water features, retaining walls or other pool amenities. We don’t install less expensive fiberglass pools, because they don’t last as long or allow for craftsman-quality work. What we build is built to last. Gunite pools allow you to customize the size, features, and entire shape of a pool. A new pool design can allow for a hot tub, waterfall, garden islands, seating, or shallow family-play areas. Have a different idea? Let’s make it happen!

Pool size and custom pool features are the main factors that drive pool costs. For example, a small pool in the backyard of an urban, bungalow style home might be a 15ft x 10-12ft pool, while a larger pool in a more expansive backyard in Chesterfield or Ladue might be as large as 20ft x 40ft. A residential backyard swimming pool is typically around 16ft x 32ft in size. Pool price includes all installation essentials like the framing, electrical work, plumbing, coping, pool deck, tile work, lighting, and project management to get all approvals and coordinate work with licensed electricians, permitting departments, construction crews, and vendors.

Poolscape Paradise Plantings, Too!

No poolside paradise is complete without it being surrounded by gorgeous plants, patio lounge space, or outdoor entertaining areas for cooking, conversation, and chillaxing. Quiet Village blends pool design with landscape design to bring your outdoor paradise to life. Privacy plantings, shade plantings, and careful plant selection are a must!

Not only can we design and construct a new pool, we can maintain and landscape your surrounding space with a full master plan; a custom landscape design unique to your property. Quiet Village mows, gardens, plants, fertilizes, and creates outdoor spaces for people to thrive in.

We commonly surround pools with well-draining, very low-maintenance plantings, and hardy perennials that match the aesthetic and design of your pool and the surrounding natural areas. See a poolscape we designed in Webster Groves, MO here.

Contact us today to get started on your poolscape with the help of our professional St. Louis inground pool design and installation team.

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