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Stunning Native Plant Combinations for Any St. Louis Garden

Stunning Native Perennial Plant Combinations – St. Louis Edition As landscapers, we’re committed to revitalizing outdoor living spaces, and that includes incorporating plants that belong in our backyards. Native plants are perfect for any St. Louis yard for many reasons, and most people are into the low maintenance needed to keep gorgeous native plants looking great.  …

Commercial Snow Plowing

commercial snow plowing st louis creve coeur clayton

Not all landscaping companies handle commercial snow plowing. Why? Because commercial properties oftentimes need detailed care and attention. Commercial properties include businesses like restaurants, retail, breweries, offices, or stores. Busy places like this demand a high level of attention to detail that not all snow removal companies are able to provide.  This can be particularly …

How to Take Care of Outdoor Plants in Winter

over winter plants in st louis

In winter, we never know what to expect. We may have snow, we may have unusually warm conditions. We may have heavy snowfall and precipitation or not enough (like the late winter drought we got last year in St. Louis!). To take good care of plants this winter, it will help to know a few gardening basics to protect and get your plants through winter in St. Louis.