Stunning Native Plant Combinations for Any St. Louis Garden

Stunning Native Perennial Plant Combinations – St. Louis Edition

As landscapers, we’re committed to revitalizing outdoor living spaces, and that includes incorporating plants that belong in our backyards. Native plants are perfect for any St. Louis yard for many reasons, and most people are into the low maintenance needed to keep gorgeous native plants looking great. 

The most stunning gardens are artfully designed using a combination of plants that grow well together, in sun or shade. Use this list of native plant combinations to create your own stunning display that you can incorporate into your own landscape or request your favorite native plants be added to your outdoor living spaces. Plant just a few year year, or go all out with a complete overhaul of your yard!

Native Plant Combinations

The biggest mistake we see in unplanned landscapes is lack of repetition or groupings. Flowers of the same species planted in a matrix or bouquet create the most appealing visual aesthetic. Don’t just plant one or two of each variety, plant in multitudes! People are usually surprised to hear that a garden bed might contain 10-15 of just one type of plant, mixed in with other varietals.

Don’t forget about native grasses that are meant to grow tall (no need for mowing!), and to provide native flowers with added support. Plan for around 30-50% native flowers to native grasses will create a natural meadow look. 

Native Plant Combinations for Shade 

Experiment with planting one of more shade-loving plant combinations in garden spaces that get dappled or stay mostly shady throughout the day. 

Low (6″): In the front, along the borders, or under tree areas plant Dwarf crested iris, Wild ginger and Oak sedge. 

Mid (18″): Behind borders and along foundations plant Solomon seal, Rose turtlehead, Large flower Bell wort and River oaks grass.

Tall (20″): In the back of a garden bed or to screen plant American spikenard, Gray’s sedge and Indian pink together. 

For shade gardens, you can plant a combination of Celandine poppy, Virginia blue bells, and Trillium. These gorgeous, all-native plants will give you early spring color as an alternative or paired with imported bulbs like tulips. 

Native Plant Combinations for Sun 

For sunnier spaces in your yard, try these combination of plants together. 

Low: Prairie dropseed grass, Lead plant and Bush poppy mallow are stunning native plants that enjoy sunny garden areas. 

Mid: Wild blue indigo, Bee balm and Switch grass make for a gorgeous garden display. 

Tall: Plant Indian grass, Giant coneflower, Asters and Amsonia together in a garden space that gets plenty of sunshine. 

White Garden Native Plant Combinations

Classic All White ‘Alba’ Garden Combinations 

The multi-color, wildflower look isn’t for everyone. Some people prefer neutral tones and simple, classic design. An Alba (All White) Garden can be designed and planted using Missouri native plants. Our favorites? Try planting Wild hydrangea, White upland aster, Culvers root, Wild quinine, and Pussy toes together. When planted together, these native plants will give your garden a monochromatic look. 

With landscape design, the possibilities are endless. Most of the time a garden or outdoor space is inherited when you purchase a home or property. These native plant combinations can be used for brand new garden spaces, or adapted to fit already existing gardens. To get started, visit one of our favorite plant nurseries and head straight to the native plant section!

For larger landscape design projects that involved hardscaping elements, massive invasive plant removal and replacement, or for a customized master landscape design plan, you can take our 5-minute landscaping questionnaire to get started on the planning process. Just like every home’s exterior is unique, so is the surrounding yard and landscape.