Outdoor Fire Pit: Get the Most Out of Autumn

 Fire Pit st louis, stone, landscape design element

Get the most out of the changing seasons with a custom-designed outdoor fire pit.  Few comforts compare to sitting with your family around a warm fire, watching the sparks dance under the canopy of a star-studded sky, and relishing the ambient noises of a cool autumn evening.  The smell of the wood burning brings back memories of camping, cookouts, and outdoor fun even as you create new memories to cherish.

But the right fire pit provides more than comfort.  It acts as a focal point for your landscape, increases the value and beauty of your home, and offers a warm attraction for your guests.  If you are culinarily inclined, opt for a fire pit that doubles as an open fire grill or an enclosed oven.

Installing a fire pit at the end of summer or the beginning of fall allows you to get the most enjoyment from your outdoor living space as the weather turns cooler.  Quiet Village provides St. Louis’ widest selection of quality materials for your fire pit or fireplace, so you get to choose the exact style that suits your taste and complements your current structures.  There are many different sizes and types of fire pits and fireplaces, so talk with us about options for either small or large areas.

You deserve to enjoy your outdoor living space this autumn.  Call Quiet Village today to set up a consultation, and get started with designing your paradise.