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Aeration and top dressing

Aeration and Top Dressing in St Louis, MO

Aeration and Top Dressing Services in St Louis, MO. The Quiet Village Landscaping experts have the skill set necessary to improve your St Louis lawn care's health through aeration. In the process of aeration, our highly-skilled team will insert holes into your lawn to create efficient water and nutrient absorption while enhancing oxygen levels to stimulate root growth and eliminate or prevent thatch. Aeration helps your grass produce roots that fill the holes, increase the thickness of your lawn, and prevents lawn drought. Quiet Village Landscaping also provides top dressing services to filter unique compost, depending on the soil profile, down into the aeration holes to assist with quick lawn recovery. If your lawn is in need of aeration and top dressing services in St Louis, contact the professionals at Quiet Village Landscaping today.

Quiet Village Landscaping is committed to providing the best landscape maintenance experience for our St Louis clients. We service St Louis and the surrounding areas with landscape maintenance including aeration and top dressing, irrigation, grounds maintenance, turf fertilization, sod installation, gardening and more! Enhance your property's visual appearance and property value by ensuring your lawn remains healthy and thriving. If you find your St Louis lawn in need of aeration and top dressing services, make Quiet Village your first choice in landscaping design and maintenance companies.

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