Front Yard Landscaping

Looking to boost your home’s curb appeal? Pick up our front yard landscaping suggestions that can help to highlight the features of your house. 

front yard landscaping st louis

Gone are the days of a basic front yard filled with turf grass. Most homeowners are now looking for ways to increase their homes value by adding curb appeal with front yard landscaping. While it does take some time for plants to grow large and fill out spaces, by getting started on landscaping ideas now, your home will only look more beautiful over the years! Just keep in mind that while some ideas are universally useful, you do need to take into consideration placement and types of plants you are selecting so that your landscaping thrives in St. Louis. 

Container Gardens

Add immediate curb appeal to any front yard area with a collection of potted container plants. Containers are great because they can be used even in small spaces or where there isn’t much room to plant into the soil, like in urban areas. You can also move and re-position pots which is great for use on porches, patios, driveways or decks. Balance different sized containers to create a pleasing collection of plants, in which you can grow a variety of plants including edibles for cooking! 

Designed for Privacy 

Some homeowners choose to create a private oasis with plants in the front yard. If done correctly, privacy landscaping will also enhance curb appeal. 

Driveway Landscaping 

Curb appeal starts right at the property line, or where visitors will pull into a driveway. Take your driveway and plantings surrounding the immediate area into consideration, as it’s the first impression many will have of your home overall. 

Front Door Ideas 

Even if you don’t regularly use your front door as an entrance, you’ll want to pay attention to this as a focal point of your front yard landscaping. You can add seasonal color to your front door area with hanging baskets, window boxes, or a container garden. 

Seasonal Plant Beds

Typically, we recommend a collection of plants to be featured in one plant bed area that will compliment each other throughout the growing season. Average bloom times and color phases are carefully thought out to make sure your front yard landscaping will always have “something going on.”