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MSD Project Clear Rainscaping Grant : Everything You Need to Know

Rainscaping Project

We’re no strangers to the MSD Project Clear Rainscaping Grant Program. Every year we work with property owners to complete the process (see our last update about the program here) for free money for landscaping! We create sustainably-minded landscape designs that incorporate all of the required rainscaping features that are critical to securing the money offered …

St. Louis Green Business Challenge : Sustainability at Quiet Village

As an eco-conscious landscaping company, we value sustainable practices when it comes to landscape design, plant selection, and construction. We’re partners with local organizations like Grow Native! and the Deer Creek Watershed Alliance to promote sustainability in the services that we provide. Last year, we won the Environmental Stewardship Award from the National Association of …

How to Take Care of Outdoor Plants in Winter

over winter plants in st louis

In winter, we never know what to expect. We may have snow, we may have unusually warm conditions. We may have heavy snowfall and precipitation or not enough (like the late winter drought we got last year in St. Louis!). To take good care of plants this winter, it will help to know a few gardening basics to protect and get your plants through winter in St. Louis.