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Tips for Gardening With Dogs

We love our pets, especially dogs! And, as a landscaping company we also love our gardens and outdoor living spaces. However, sometimes the two don’t seem to mix quite perfectly. One common complaint we hear from our lawn maintenance customers is that dogs destroy flower beds, tear up lawns and aren’t the gentlest with new plants. 

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Drought Conditions in St. Louis – Plants Need to be Watered

Dry conditions in the St. Louis-area are expected to continue, making it urgently important to take action by thoroughly watering trees and shrubs. This is especially important for newly planted trees or evergreens.

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deep root feeding trees and shrubs

Deep Root Fertilization This Fall

It can be easy to forget that our landscape plants need to be fed (just like our lawns!). Finish off your landscaping maintenance plan for 2017 strong, by giving your trees and shrubs what they need to continue to grow and thrive in St. Louis – a deep root feeding, best performed in fall!

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Summer’s Hottest Outdoor Upgrades

4th of July BBQ’s and backyard parties are just around the corner in St. Louis and so far this year, we’ve been busy creating the outdoor paradise that our clients have been dreaming of.

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Fall Secrets For A Beautiful Lawn Next Spring

Taking good care of your lawn in autumn means more than just raking the leaves, and it’s not quite time to cut back your lawn mowing schedule. Before your lawn “goes to sleep” for the season, we have some useful lawn care tasks to help your lawn come back full and green next spring.

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Apply for a Rainscaping Grant, for $3,000 Towards Your Project!

Quiet Village Landscaping has been involved with MSD’s Project Clear Rainscaping Small Grants Program over the past several years, and now we’re helping home and business owners apply for the 2016-17 round of grants available!

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Tips on Saving Money on Landscape Maintenance in St. Louis

If your like most homeowners, your looking for ways to reduce the cost of home maintenance, including landscaping costs. Keep your St. Louis yard looking good by paying special attention to the health of your perennial plants, shrubs & trees.

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Happening Now – St. Louis Fall Leaf Clean-up

Autumn is here, which means pumpkin spiced-everything and the naturally beautiful shades of orange, red, yellow and browns to come through in our plantings and trees. It’s also a great time to enjoy cooler temps in your own backyard.

fall leavesYour preparations should start now, by getting scheduled for our professional-level fall services:

Quiet Village Landscaping will meet your lawn maintenance needs this fall.  We offer competitive rates for leaf removal and fall cleanup services for your St. Louis yard.  Our professionals use specialized equipment, such as portable leaf vacuum systems, to remove leaves and twigs from garden beds and turf efficiently and effectively, leaving your yard looking good. Save yourself some time and backache this fall and look to the experts!

To give your lawn the best care, we recommend scheduling a leaf cleanup three times this fall: once in early autumn, again before Thanksgiving, and once more before Christmas.  This helps your grass breathe easy and gets your St. Louis yard into shape for holiday gatherings.  Don’t let leaf-clutter prevent you from enjoying the beauty of the changing seasons.  Give us a call today to set up a free estimate for your yard!

Rain, Rain – Go Away!

Summer arrived this year with thunder, lightning, and rain! Lots and lots of rain.

June 2015 was the second wettest month on record for St. Louis. With just over 13 inches of rain, that’s about 9 inches above normal.

As you can imagine or may have experienced, all this rain results in swollen rivers, sewer overflows, and flooded basements.

St. Louis Rain

Quiet Village is here to help. While we have no control over the weather, effective plantings, water features, catch basins, permeable pavements and other efforts can help mitigate the damage caused by saturated soils. Also known as Rainscaping, this approach manages fluctuating rainfall and reclaims stormwater naturally – by dealing with it as close as possible to where it falls.

Connect with one of our designers to turn your front yard into a rain garden, like the one pictured below. Filled with native plants and natural charm, this garden keeps water onsite, rather than dumping it onto the sidewalk and into the sewers.

Stormwater Rainscaping Garden

This design also included rain barrels, to catch and store roof water runoff which can later be used during times of drought. As a piece of the entire self-sustaining system, when these barrels reach maximum capacity, overflow moves to the front yard rain garden basin.

Rainbarrel rain garden basin system

Now, get ready for the next big storm and rainscape your yard!

 Please call our office at (314) 657-7050 or email to request a free initial design consultation.

Edible Vegetable Gardening in St. Louis


STL Edible Gardening

Adding edible plants to your own garden can revitalize your landscape design, while providing a cost-effective way to enjoy the benefits of your gardening efforts at the dinner table with healthy, fresh vegetables. However, not all plant varieties are the same, or suited for Missouri’s unique climate.

Listed below are some of our Quiet Village favorites, which fare well in our unique St. Louis-area climate.


Many varieties will do well in the St. Louis area. Try the hybrid variety ‘Brandywine’ for a beautiful pink heirloom in your garden. Cherry tomatoes are also a great option, as they continue to produce fruit until frost and can be grown in a container. Consider planting ‘Sungold’, which has won several taste tests for sweetness.


The classic variety ‘Black Seeded Simpson’ is known for its quick growth and great taste. For a sweet bib variety, try ‘Buttercrunch’ or ‘Galactic’ for its deep red coloring. Consider mixing these into your landscape for a striking accent in an ornamental garden.


A favorite in Illinois and Missouri is ‘Melody’. This variety is perfect as both a spring and fall crop, and has a long growing season.


As the St. Louis summer heat kicks in, it’s nice to have access to refreshing backyard cucumbers! The variety ‘Diva’ doesn’t require a pollinator, and ‘Speedway’ is known for its disease resistance.


Potatoes are a great crop for the St. Louis area, and you’ll likely see them at most local farmers’ markets. ‘Irish Cobbler’ is known for being an early potato variety. ‘Yukon Gold’ has a nice buttery flavor and makes an excellent mashed potato. ‘Red Pontiac’ is a great choice for new potatoes, because it’s thin red skin doesn’t require peeling.

Bush Beans

‘Blue Lake 274’ bush beans are not only great producers, they can be enjoyed fresh or frozen for later use.

Contact us to learn more ways to add edible plants to your home landscape, so you can start to enjoy the fruits of your labor in your own garden.

Backyard organic vegetable garden. St. Louis, Missouri

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